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Fic: One Question And A Whole Lotta Answers

TITLE: One Question And A Whole Lotta Answers
AUTHOR: Nicky Ji
TIMELINE: Post Fearless FBI #4

"Her fingers punched numbers recalled from deep in the recesses of her memory. After a few rings a familiar voice on the other end of the phone said hello. The last thing she'd heard him say was goodbye. She took a deep breath. It had been such a long time."

Part 1: Waiting For A Friend

Part 2: Looking Three Years Into The Past

Part 3: Displaying Emotion

Part 4: A Nightmare Free Night

Part 5: Suger-Induced Silence

Part 6: Obvious Distress

Part 7: Ghost Buster

Part 8: It Was About Revenge

Part 9: A Couple Thousand Words Later

Part 10: The Clock Ticking On The Wall

Part 11: Her Secret

Part 12: A See-You-Later

EDIT: All parts are now up on my website.
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