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Gaia Moore: Fearless

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The Fearless Community
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I am powerful.
I am graceful.
I am angry.
I am pure.
I am raw.
I am alone.

I am Gaia.
I am just like you.
But I'm not -- I'm...FEARLESS.

...a girl born without the fear gene

This community is open to discussion about Fearless (an ended series) and/or Fearless: FBI, both popular series by Francine Pascal.

Current book:

Live Bait (September 27, 2005)

Life Bait

The greatest weapon against a serial killer?
A girl with no fear.

Upcoming book:
Agent Out [February 2006]

Got A Question? Just Ask.
This community is monitored by wonder_babe, i.e. Angela Nguyen

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